The Big Chill Synthesis

Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Women’s Rights

Women have always had struggles when it comes to their happiness. For example, up to the 1920s, women were always looked as second class citizens, making them feel unsuccessful and worthless. As time progressed, during the 1950s, women were given more rights as before, but they still felt as if they were not being treated equally( They protested in order to seek success with in their lives, in hopes that they would seek happiness as well. In the movie, “The Big Chill”, which took place after the Vietnam war, women’s roles were portrayed as being successful, but still lacking happiness in their lives. Women’s roles in society evolved after the 1980’s because they became more independent, expanded beyond the “house-wife role”, and they received more respect, and were financially improved.

Women had it difficult in the early 1900s. As sad as it may be, women and men were treated completely different. “Married women were legally dead in the eyes of the law”( Women were not even allowed to vote until August 1920 ( They were not allowed to enter professions such as medicine or law. There were no chances of women getting an education then because no college or university would accept a female with only a few exceptions or not at all. Society made women totally dependent on men. With time, everything changed, and women were granted freedom, they were able to be independent human beings.

Sarah, although she is very fortunate and very intelligent with being a doctor, she is not happy with the life that she is living in. One reason being that she and her husband have issues with their marriage, she just seems like she does not want to deal with him and he does not want to deal with her. Before, during the 1920s women wouldn’t really have any say in anything because the husband would be the one with the great job and women weren’t treat equally with men ( It seems that the transition from when...
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