Homeschooling vs. Public Education

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Homeschooling vs. Public Education

A common concern that most parents experience when their child begins school is which is best for their child’s educational development, homeschool or public school. I myself was taught in both homeschool and public school off and on throughout my elementary and high school years. I can tell you from personal experience that there are pro’s and con’s to both aspects, it all just depends on which one you feel is right for your child as an individual and according to your family’s believe structure. The intention of this paper is to lay out the facts for both educational styles that way a parent can look into the good and bad of both and then make whatever decision they feel would be the best choice for their child.

With that having been said, let us take a minute to discuss the basics when it concerns your child’s education. The point of school whether it be done at home or in a public facility is for the students to learn, grow, and then integrate what was learned whenever they go out into society as an adult. Homeschooling is not the way it used to be what with the Internet working as effective as it does in this modern time. Your child can sit at home and do their schoolwork at the family computer with an entire virtual classroom, or do it the old fashion way by mail order assignments. However, the curriculum is different from that of the public school. With homeschool, the parent chooses the assignments and can work one-on-one with their child and observe what they are learning, giving the parent a more sense of involvement. This also allows the child to work at their own pace giving them more time to study and eventually learn more. With public education there is a set curriculum created and assigned by the state. This can leave a parent feeling as if they do not have a say in what their child will be learning. There is also a thirty to one student teacher ratio limiting the teacher’s attention span with each...
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