Historical Globalization

Topics: Indigenous peoples, First Nations, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 6 (1390 words) Published: January 5, 2013
What route was a theory of the growth of Globalization?
The silk road in the 3rd century BCE
What system originated on it?
Our current numbering system was born on the Silk Road
Most Important Invention of the last 1000 years?
Printing Press
In the rise of a European Middle Class how did they determine social status? By birth and amount of land owned
Towns grew which attracted what?
Trades people, bankers, entrepreneurs, artists and scholars. 9th to 13th century innovations in the middle east include-
1. Square sails allowing fast travel
2. Compasses and maps
3. Gunpowder invented in china but used by Europeans for war in 1324 What happened in 1776?
The imbalance of trade led to the revolting of colonies to form their own country America. Who created capitalism?
Adam Smith
Who decided what country would be conquered next?
Why wasn’t china or Japan conquered?
Their centralized governments
Emigration to new colonies is encouraged because of 3 reasons? 1. Provide supervisors to watch the taking of resources
2. Relieve over population in the European nation
3. To replace native populations with European people
What were some effects of first contact?
Disease killing 8-10 million, and assimilation and permanent changes to culture Differing approaches to the Indigenous peoples North America situation- French/British needed help from native people to get furs and they traded with natives for furs South America situation- Spanish conquered and enslaved the natives to mine gold 4 main points about slavery-

1. has existed for centuries
2. Some places used it as punishment instead of prison
3. People conquered by war were usually enslaved
4. Labour forces were need in the Americas so race determined if you were to become a slave 3 main points about the response to slavery –
1. Often harsh conditions for slaves
2. After hearing about slaves Abolitionist movements started 3. Most slave owners were wealthy and ignored by Abolitionists but by the 19th century it became illegal Products from the grand exchange- America to Europe –

Peanuts, vanilla, tobacco ,pineapple, lima beans ect
Europe to America- wheat, barely, pigs, poultry ect.
What device kick started the industrial revolution?
Steam engine
Before the industrial revolution where were most products made? In the home
Steam power allowed for bigger and quicker machines which required what? Bigger buildings which increased start-up costs heavily
What are examples of legacies?
Institutions, oral histories, artifacts, language
In 1876 until 1914 Imperial powers expanded their control over Indigenous people, where? South Pacific, Asia, Africa
In the 19th century there was a scramble for what country? Africa How was it resolved and who was left out?
European nations met to discuss and divide Africa but no African nations were invited or consulted with. What died with the division of Africa?
Oral History
King Leopold claimed a large area of Africa for himself, he enslaved the native to work where? Rubber Plantations
How many natives died during Leopolds’ rule?
10 million
Why did no one find out about these events?
Leopold made it so only positive stories could leave the country and employees were not allowed to leave canda for over 10 years How has cultural contact affect people ?
Algeria rarely saw themselves as an independent nation

What dictated official languages?
Whoever was colonizing that region likely European
Why did people migrate in 19th century from Europe to one of its colonies? Usually violence or famine
Why natives were displaced and why was there conflict?
When Europe colonized an area they would kick the FN out pushing them into out natives’ areas starting conflict between natives. What caused depopulation of Africa?
Forced migration of slaves
When slavery was outlawed what started and who were the peoples ? Indentured slavery started and many Indian people became...
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