Him Week 2 Paper Describe Privacy Officer and Secuirty Office Jobs

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Privacy Officer
Job ID: VKB20132803-53245
We are currently seeking candidates for the role of:Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer oversees all activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance, oversight of, and adherence to the Program as they apply to Premier, Inc, its self-funded Health Plan and the other Premier subsidiaries and affiliates that are business associates, downstream business associates, or subsidiaries and affiliates that do not use or disclose Protective Health Information (PHI) (collectively, “Premier”). Responsibilities

This position will have responsibility to evaluate, monitor, document and certify Premier s compliance with all Applicable Law and to receive and address complaints under this Program. In particular, the Privacy Officer is responsible for implementing, supervising and maintaining the Program and takes all steps necessary to achieve those purposes, Including:

•Expertise and Development and Implementation of the Program
•Coordination and Leadership

This position will have daily interaction and influence with all business segments, the dept heads, the executives and their staff. The position will work with ITS staff, legal and outside regulatory agencies as necessary to meet deliverables. Expertise And Development And Implementation Of The Program

•In coordination with Premier leadership, implement, update and maintain the Program, which shall be consistent with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act and regulations promulgated thereunder (“HIPAA”) and any additional, non-preempted state and federal U.S. laws that address the privacy and security of data and that apply to Premier (together, “Applicable Law”).
•Maintain documentation of the Program.
•Maintain comprehensive and current knowledge of Applicable Law and best practices. Monitor developments in Applicable Law and best practices and revise and update the Program as necessary.
•Monitoring Premier’s compliance with the Program and with any contractual obligations relating to Protected Data
•Collaborate and coordinate with the Privacy Impact Assessment process/Change Management request to ensure monitoring and appropriate privacy best practices are implemented in new initiatives as well as change in business processes, tools or vendors.
•Collaborate and coordinate with the Chief Security Officer and other appropriate Premier compliance departments to perform periodic risk assessments and compliance auditing and monitoring involving workforce members, business associates, and other contractors to ensure compliance with Applicable Law.
•Establish with Premier management and operations a mechanism to track access to Protected Data and to allow qualified individuals to review or receive a report on such activity.
•Analyze the effectiveness, performance, and quality of the Program.
•Periodically report on the status of the Program to Premier leadership.
•Develop and maintain documentation and templates needed to implement the Program and otherwise maintain compliance with Applicable Laws (e.g., template authorizations and waivers, privacy practice notices and materials, business associate agreements).
•Participate in the development, implementation, and ongoing compliance monitoring of all business associate agreements, and ensure all privacy concerns, requirements, and responsibilities are addressed.
•Oversee, direct, and provide or arrange for the provision of initial and ongoing privacy training and orientation to appropriate workforce members and third party contractors as appropriate.

•Establish and administer a process for receiving, documenting, tracking and investigating complaints concerning privacy practices, policies, and procedures in coordination and collaboration with similar compliance functions within Premier.
•Work with Human Resources, Premier legal...
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