Grievance Redressal Procedure

Topics: Employment, Grievance Pages: 4 (647 words) Published: April 15, 2012
A grievance is a sign of employee’s discontent with job and its’ nature. An employee will have certain aspirations and expectations which he thinks must be fulfilled by the organization where he is working. When the organisation fails to satisfy the employee’s needs, he develops a feeling of discontent or dissatisfaction. Thus, grievance is caused due to difference between employee expectation and management practices. Beach defines grievances as “any dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice in connection with one’s employment situation that is brought to the notice of the management. NEED FOR A GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE

Grievance procedure is necessary for any organisation due to the following reasons.

1. Management can feel the pulse of the employees with regard to the policies and practices of the organization

2. Employees get a chance to ventilate their feelings and let off steam through an official channel

3. Morale of the employees will be high when their grievances are redressed in a just manner

4. It keeps a check on the supervisor’s attitude and behavior towards their subordinates

Economic : Wage fixation, overtime, bonus, wage revision etc.

Work Environment : Physical conditions of workplace, production norms, defective tools and equipments, poor quality of materials, materials not available in time, lack of recognition, unfair rules etc.

Supervision : Complaints against a particular senior, notions of bias, favoritism, nepotism, caste affiliations etc.

Work group : Unable to adjust with colleagues, feels neglected etc.

Miscellaneous : Promotions, safety methods, transfer, disciplinary rules, granting leave, medical facilities etc.


Grievances, if they are not identified and redressed, may affect adversely the workers, managers and their organisation. The effects include :

On production
Low quality of production
Low quality of production and productivity...
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