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Lecture 2: Information and decision making
-change is inevitable and business is different from 20 years ago * Information tech in /new workplace
* Knowledge workers provide a competitive (decisive) factor * Knowledge/intell capital are irreplaceable resources
* Productivity of knowledge worker depends on computer/info compentency -stages of development in e-comm
* Secure an online identity
* Establish a web presence
* Enable ecommerce
* Utilize a service app model
* Provide customer relationship management
IT facilitates communication through info sharing, reduction in the # of middle managers, better org. structure, excellent coordination and control IT Breaks barriers :
* People, and teams are better connected
* Less levels of management (flatter organization)
* Customer relationship/supply chain management improved
* More things are done through partnerships and outsourcing

* IT builds relationships with external environment
* Its changed the new workplace (email, P2P file sharing) * Info is data made for decision making (data is raw facts/observations) * Good info must be timely (entering market on time in order to gain market share) high quality, complete, relevant, understandable (market the product, language)

* The role info plays in management process
* Data –info—decision making
* Info exchanges with external env/within the organization Internal/external info needs of organization diagram
* Intelligence info: gathered from stakeholders and external env. * Internal info: flows up and down across the organization * Public info: spread out to stakeholders and ext envi
* Info system
* MIS management info sys
* DSS Decision supply system (helps in decision making process) * AI artif intelligence –the use of robotics for management * ES expert system –the use of AI for specific activities * EDI electronic data intrerchange

Advantages of IT
-planning: the process of mapping out steps to accomplish a task, better timely access to useful info Organizing: allocation/gathering the resources, improving coordination and integration Leading: motivating people to perform high, good communication with workers, keeping objectives clear, frequent better communication with staff and diverse shareholders Controlling: feedback, opinions of the clients, adjusting G/S and incorporating it, immediate measures of performance of org. -The manager is the processing nerve center

* Info and decision making process
* Perfect deficiency actual/desired performance
* Perfect opportunity is actual per. Being better than desired * Problem solving process of identifying a discrepancy between the actual and desired and taking a course of action to connect the two * A decision is a choice among all possible alternatives

* Programmed decision: past experiences, applied in the future, new ideas and inno * Non-prog: to address issues as they arise
* Crisis decision making: difficult to solve, people must be competitent and able to address it * Decision environment: used to analyze situations
* Certain env: can optimize and get profit

* Steps in decision-making process
* Current issues in managerial decision making

Lecture 3&4
Culture and its relationships with global diversity
* Understanding cultural differences (trompenaars):
* Relationships with people
* Universalism versus particularism
* Individualism versus collectivism
* Neutral versus affective
* Specific versus diffuse
* Achievement versus prescription
* Attitudes toward time – sequential and synchronic views * Attitudes toward environment – inner directed and outer directed cultures
* The international management challenges of globalization * Key concepts in the challenges of globalization: global...
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