Global Supply Chain Management

Topics: Cargo, Transport, Global warming Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Different modes of transportation:
* Water
* Railroad
* Pipeline
* Airline
What is the best mode of transporation? (Consider the following): * Noise, congestion, global warming, up- and downstream, air pollution, accidents * Speed, flexibility, safety
Example: Germany in the 50’s (making coal/steel), what would be the best mode of transportation? * Railroads
What is the idea behind “Truckload”?
* You need to utilize the cargo of a truck, in simple words fill it up. * Going from A to B and then from B to A, you need to have two full Truckloads to utilize the truck completely We distinguish between:

* Full truckload
* LTL (less than truckload)
* CEP (Courier, Express Parcel)
Schematic Calculation for short and long haul (LTL):
* In the short haul, you pick up everything (i.e. in 5 cities in the Copenhagen Area) * You take it to a HUB
* In the long haul you have a full truckload
* Arriving in the Jutland Area you disperse the full truckload into smaller trucks (LTL) * And then you do the same going back to Copenhagen
Critical success factors:
* Network density, critical volume (economies of scale), standardization etc. What do you do in the railroad planning:
* Same thing as the Trucks.
* You gather all the required wagons at a junction station * From there you take the wagons to a marshaling yard
* Then you take the long stretch from A to B with ALL the wagons * Upon arrival you disperse the wagons into smaller sections first at a marshaling yard then even more at a junction station What process steps do you have in sea transportation:

* You need to gather everything by truck or railroad
* Load it to a container ship qua a port
* Ship it
* Unload it in a new port
* Truck or railroad everything to final destination
e.g. Container transport from Prague to Hong Kong
* Land transport: prague to hamburg (650 km – 4% of distance) * Sea transport Hamburg to...
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