Conpare and Contrast Fedex and Ups

Topics: Subject, Sentence, Grammar Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: April 24, 2011
The manufactures provide more cars and trucks to help our
needs, having a fuel-effiencent care will help save money, gas, and time. With that being said, we still need look for ways to save additional money on gas and time. There are two competitors, FedEx, and UPS, who dominate the air delivery and freight services industry in the United States, FedEx is the smaller of the two. UPS have a higher price earning while FedEx have a lower earnings per share.

With UPS” 2.5 billion miles in 2007, the company “says its package flow technology combined with right turns, save” 28,541,472 million miles and three million gallons of fuel.” If the company did not implement this plan, there would have to put an additional “1,100 trucks out on an everyday base, along with the other “92,000 trucks” that there have out on a daily base.

While FedEx still strive to maintain high expectation and on time deliveries with more products and services, more information, with “$29 billion network of companies, offering just the right mix of transportation, document management and supply chain solutions” FedEx still try to maintain high quality of services with the additional companies owned:

- 2 -
1. Today, we have many
different kinds...
This sentence is confusing
and somewhat of a run-on.
Proofreading aloud can help
you catch issues that you
might overlook with a silent
proofread. [Cassandra
Stichtenoth (TA)]
2. (DowJones
Consult Ashford's Writing
Center for examples of
properly formatted in-text
citations. Doing so is
necessary is order to avoid
plagiarism issues and
deductions in your grade.
[Cassandra Stichtenoth (TA)]
3. While comparing, the two
This is a sentence fragment.
(Fragment. There is a
missing subject, verb, and/or
predicate part. Incorrect:
"Judging by the size of the
footprints." Correct: "Judging
by the size of the footprints,
we knew that a raccoon had
eaten the dogs' food."")
[Cassandra Stichtenoth (TA...
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