Gifted Hands

Topics: Ben Carson, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, Surgery Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: July 29, 2012

RELEASE DATE: February 7th, 2009
1. Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Benjamin "Bennie" Carson (lead role) 2. Kimberly Elise as Sonya Carson (mother)
3. Aunjanue Ellis as Candy Carson (girlfriend & wife) 4. Gus Hoffman as Teen Bennie (teenage Bennie)
5. Jaishon Fisher as Bennie (young Bennie)

GENRE: Drama
RUNTIME: 120 minutes
DISTRIBUTOR: TNT/Turner Entertainment Group
DIRECTOR: Thomas Carter
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Margaret Loesch, Dan Angel, Bruce Stein, and Thomas Carter PRODUCER: David Rosemont
WRITER: John Pielmeier
(CCC, BBB, Cap, V, M) Very strong Christian worldview where children are encouraged to apply the gifts God has given them, and with God’s help overcome anger and prejudice, plus some pro-capitalist content; no offensive language; two brief scenes of violence, one is an attempted stabbing, deeply repented of, plus some scenes of medical procedures may be disturbing to children; no sex; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking; and, teenage rebellion is dealt with and overcome. SUMMARY:

GIFTED HANDS: THE BEN CARSON STORY is one of the best made-for-television movies ever produced. It is the true story of a black child raised by a single mother who constantly encouraged him to use his God-given gifts. He grows from being a poor student to the top of his class and then to become a world-famous neurosurgeon. It would be hard not to be inspired by this movie.

As the story begins, Ben (played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.) is asked to attempt a surgery to separate German Raush twins conjoined at the backhead. The movie then flashes back (1961) to show when Ben (as a child played by Jaishon Fisher) was such a poor student, he failed to get a single answer right on a test. He is unmercifully ridiculed by his white classmates, one of whom he hits in the mouth after closing his locker. His mother Sonya (Kimberly Elise) is then called to the...
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