Driver's Ed, by Caroline Cooney: Book Summary

Topics: Mother, Morgan, Texas, Automobile Pages: 7 (3262 words) Published: July 14, 2008
Driver’s Ed notes

Mr. fielding-is the teacher-he is the drivers Ed teacher. He gets the kids confused He wishes he didn’t have to be a teacher. When he drives with kids he doesn’t look at the road he looks out the window listening to his walk man

Remy- is in love with Morgan and loves to drive. Her mom just bought her a car so now she’s the first one to turn 16 and get a car. Her mom is 40 and just had a baby. She can’t stand her little brother Mac. She only messed up on time while driving.

Christine-she scared to drive she switches names tags with Remy so she doesn’t have to drive

Lark-is like a best friend to Remy. There almost always together. Lark is the out spoken one she’s not shy at all.

Morgan is the boy who loves to drive and has a secret crush on Remy. Morgan is like the player type guy he has a crush on almost all the girls. But truly is afraid of them
Nickie- he uses to be best friends with Morgan. He’s trying to get his friendship back with Morgan. He’s the bad one in the group.

Mr.Willit-is the choirs’ teacher and tries to make them sing every where
Alexandra-she was gorgeous and had blond hair just like Remy but it was much better then hers and Morgan was secretly in love with her.

So far the book just introduces each character and tells a little bit on them the first 30 pages are mostly based on the characters and the in there driver ed class

It tells you about Remy and her first little accident and how that was the first time she got shock up. Mr.fielding never teaches the kids and thing is like a self teach class. He never pays attention to the point the kids are able to change each other names.

The next pages introduce lark more and this kid they call Nickie he use to be best friends with Morgan but when he went to high school stop hanging around Morgan but now he’s trying to be best friends with Morgan again.

Morgan, lark,remy,and Nickie was suppose to hang out and watch a movie but plans got change when larks mom got sick and she was force to help her mom. So Nickie, Remy, and Morgan decide to go still signs. First they get in the car all three of them sit in the front and Morgan and Remy sits next to each other. Morgan reaches for the seat belt and touches Remy. They sit there just staring at each other when the finally get to the first sign it says thickly settled. When they start to take the sign down Remy didn’t help because she was too afraid of the trouble they where going get into. As she watch nickel and Morgan take the sign she sat and watch a car go by. They all got back into the car and as Remy turned her head Morgan kissed her they sat there it was the happiest moment for Remy and Morgan. Morgan always wonders what Remy hair felt like and to his surprise it was silky. Him and Morgan start to flirt and shortly after they had there second kiss. The next step on there agenda was to still the stop sign on a back road that no one really drives on they park there car in some lot and waited for the cops to make there round. When the cops left they quickly got out of the car many people had try to get the stop sign down but none was successful. They sat and observed the stop sign trying to see why it wouldn’t come down. When it pops in Nickie head it was because of the rust on the bolts. the rust had some how rusted the bolts into the sign so as nicking try to get it down he couldn’t so then Morgan try he sawed it down it was the loudest noise but no one was out there and people where probably in the house watching TV. once they got the sign down it was time to get back into the car Morgan wanted Remy to get in first Remy hated sitting on the out side but getting in first meant she had to be touching Nickie so she insisted that Morgan get in first Nickie noticed that she didn’t want to get in which made him kind of mad and force him to pull off real fast making tier marks. When they got into the car Remy came up with the idea to still the sign Morgan road....
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