Gender Roles

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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jayrose ligor
ENG 111

Gender Roles by Culture
There are so many cultural differences but only two kinds of gender. Which are male and female? In some cultures the roles of the male and female are different. Asian and Pacific Islander male roles, cultural values, and believes are almost the same. They believe that the male is the head of the household and the women is just there to clean cook and take care of the children. Just like slavery for women. In the pacific islands if a male asked his female partner to do something and the female doesn’t do it that means the female is disrespecting him and beat her to teach her a lesson and to make sure that she knows her role as a women and a wife. The men don’t go to jail for that because it is the cultural values of the male to be a strong head of the household. Female role in the pacific islands is to clean the house, prepare meals for the family, washes clothes. Basically their role is to be there at home and to make sure that everything is set up nicely before the male gender comes home. Female sometimes goes to the fields to gather local food to prepare so that there is food at the house. Gender Roles in the United States are so different than anywhere else. Males and females both work for a living. They are treated as somewhat equals at home and sometimes at work. Male cannot beat a female just because the female did not prepare a meal for the male. Even-though the male is usually the breadwinner the female helps too. There are some places that won’t hire a woman because the job is too dangerous. If a female can go to war, they can definitely do whatever a man does. It was said that males get paid more money than female. The male and female share their opinions, rules, and regulations as equals. In some households there is no male gender so the woman is the head of household. She provides food and shelter for the family. Gender Role in Korea during the Koriyo and early Chosen Dynasties, it was...
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