Gender Roles

Topics: Woman, Gender role, Female Pages: 2 (819 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Gender Roles

Gender roles are a delicate and controversial matter and easily have been one of the most debated upon topics since the beginning of time. When did they start? When will they end? How young are you when they start? These are all questions that have been asked numerous sociologists trying to figure out this aged question. Alice Munro depicts a minute aspect of a young girl’s life growing up already struggling with the gender role conflict, even at her young age. This story takes place on a small farm back in the 1930s, when women hardly had any rights, whether it was in the house or out. The men were the dominant gender no matter what the issue was. Any reader could easily tell that this family was very tight with their money, as many families were back in that day of age. The father had a manual labor job skinning fox for the pelts and the mother had the typical house wife details. At first, I believed that the narrator was going to grow up as a tomboy but as the story went on my thoughts began to evolve just as the story did. Munro slowly but surely changed the theme into a time of struggle for the young female growing up on her father’s farm. I followed this story very easily because I had an older sister and she took most of the boyish tasks on the farm until I began to grow older and stronger just as Laird (the younger brother in the story) did. I found it interesting that Laird is known as “lord” and that many males were considered lords back in this time frame. “Wait till Laird gets bigger, then you’ll have real help” (Munro, 2011). To this day I could almost hear those exact words come out of my mother’s mouth when we were growing up. This story began with the narrator taking on most of the outside tasks with the father. Whether she was just helping him give water to the animals in the pens or cutting the grass. Just in the short timeframe of this story, you could see already that the roles were going to very soon be...
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