Gaming Magazine Intention and Target Audience

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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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Intention- ‘MAGAZINE NAME HERE’ magazine will be a simple yet informative read for people who are passionate about all things gaming. It will widen their understanding of upcoming games, things you may not know and leaked information by including exclusive news, reviews and feature articles. This magazine is for people who are passionate about gaming and will teach them how to get their very best out of their skills. Ultimately, this magazine does aspires to teach gamers about everything they possibly need to know on a variety of genres and topics and to even introduce new people to different gaming genres.

Target Audience- The audience for this magazine will be people who are interested in all things gaming. They are the type of people who would rather sit at home playing games instead of going outside and playing sport. They have a passionate interest in gaming and are always interested in discovering new games. It is likely that they are interested in games that have achieved mainstream success. They will enjoy games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Skyrim, Assasins Creed, Grand Theft Auto, Halo etc. They enjoy reading interviews with creators to get a better inside into the creative process. When choosing a gaming magazine, they will have certain expectations about its content. It must be fresh, detailed, insightful and have the latest news. The audience for this magazine will have a detailed understanding of the games already and will seek out magazines that enrich their understanding.
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