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FS5 Learning Assessment Strategies
Episode 2


Name: Maria Cristina R. EjidoCourse/Year/Sec: BSED 3D
Resource teacher 1: Ms. Marjorie LescanoSignature:______________ Resource teacher 2: Signature:______________
Resource teacher 3:Signature:______________
Date: Dec. 10, 2012 Cooperating School: IVFMSFs

I must be able to identify assessment strategies/ tools used by at least 3 resource teachers.

Which method was used?
Assessment Method| Tally| Frequency|
a. Multiple Choice| | 0|
b. Alternative Response| I| 1|
c. Matching Type| | 0|
d. Completion Type| | 0|
e. Short Answer| II| 2|
2. Product Rating Scales| | 0|
3. Performance Tests| I| 1|
4. Performance Checklist| | 0|
5. Oral Questioning| IIIII| 5|
6j. Observation and Self Reports| | 0|


1. Was there a variety methods used by the teacher? How relevant was/ were the assessment method used? Yes, there was a variety methods used by the teacher basically evaluating on the students understanding by giving them various kinds of activity. They involve students in active and social learning. The teacher gives a paper and pen test and oral test to examine their performance. Assessment tools are applied by the teachers to measure the students learning about the lesson and to cope with the set objectives and the appropriateness of the topic to the method utilize.

2. If I were to re-teach the same lesson would I assess learning in the same way as my resource teacher did?
If I were to re-teach the same lesson I will also follow the same way as my resource teacher did. Because it was just a simple topic and it does not need a lot of time to be understood by the students. And oral questioning is one of the effective methods used by the teacher to determine the understanding of their students.

3. Which of the assessment...
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