Fastfit Case

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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eCommerce Set of Case Study Questions

7.Describe the multiple locations from which customers can submit orders and the information technology components customers would need (on their end) to accomplish this activity.

- Multiple storefront locations: GPS system to locate a store

- Online: Computer with access to the FastFit online store (if there is one)

- By phone: Telephone/mobile phone necessary to place an order

8. a) Describe the information technology components FastFit needs to interact with customers on the web. [Hint: Locate a detailed explanation of e-commerce system platforms in the course textbook and/or web search.]

- Online retail store (e-tailer) - Fastfit can either create their own or partner with a major E-tailer like eBay or Amazon by setting up their own store within the E-tailer

- Search engine/Affiliate/Blog marketing - directs customers to online retailer store from search engines or other websites that they were visiting (portals) based upon their interests and demographics

- Transaction broker - streamlines payment processes between customer and provider

- Community provider - creates online hub where people can interact with other about their interests online, which provides a relevant place to advertise to interested potential customers

b) At what location within FastFit would you place these technology components and why?

- E-Commerce fulfillment center, because the central purpose of this branch is to deal with E-Commerce and related online customer processes

- The E-Commerce center is located within the warehouse, therefore customer order information would be treated like order information coming from the storefronts

FastFit is planning to invest significantly in its e-commerce platform to increase online ordering. Describe three technology features/capabilities that should be included in the platform and provide business justifications for each...