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Topics: Psychometrics, Item response theory, Rasch model Pages: 152 (36068 words) Published: September 28, 2012
2nd Year Baccalaureate

Madani Ait Kabbout

ELT Teachers & Supervisors


Here is the email I sent to colleagues:

Dear colleagues, 
I am very pleased to announce the second edition of mock exam compilation  (2nd Year Baccalaureate) .Therefore, I am going to receive - from  all over Morocco- the mock exam you suggested  ( session beginning May 2010). After that I shall send you the whole compilation. My aim is to share the data base among ourselves and for the benefit of our students. The global tests compilation I initiated two years ago was a success. That is why I venture another time. 

-  From 10th  May 2010 to 20th  May 2010, I shall be receiving your suggested mock exams.
- 22nd May 2010 , you shall receive the compilation.

Please make sure you mention: -the stream: Art, Science, Humanities. The key for the exam
Dear colleagues, let's make it possible. I am fully confident of your positive reaction.

Yours Kindly,

Madani Ait Kabbout
Ouarzazate FORWARD

First, I would like to thank people who unconditionally responded to my offer / request . Secondly, the idea of this humble initiative stemmed from a dream that kept me thinking of how we could collectively use the ICT for ELT training we received into a small deal of practice. Thirdly, undoubtedly almost a great majority of EFL practitioners (teachers and supervisors) would prefer to share their ideas, expertise and findings, so why shouldn’t we just do that in many perspectives and for different purposes? Some colleagues informed me that they have tried such a project but at a local level; others claimed that they launched the same idea but there was very little response and enthusiasm on the part of EFL practitioners. Needless to mention that this Test Item banking (TIB) is by no means governed by the scientific discipline that is specialised in designing tests . My aim is simply to see how we can benefit from each others having a look at how colleagues are using tests: lay out, types of tasks, degrees of difficulty, variety, coverage , choice of texts etc… All this said with no intention of evaluating nor assessing the test sent/submitted. I am very sorry for any inconvenience or any distortion that may occur throughout the compilation of the original test versions I received. It was my choice to keep the original layout/ format of the documents, but with slight intervening in some spelling After the 2008 compilation, here come another compilation which is a little well prepared and refined. I hope you can make the best use of it with your students. Please allow me to thank you once again for your very positive participation. Madani Ait Kabbout from Ouarzazate

Item Banking
Lawrence Rudner,
ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation Various school districts use standardized tests as a way to measure scholastic achievement. Usually, these districts need to revise tests with some frequency to avoid administering the same test year after year. Unfortunately, creating new tests can be a very time consuming endeavor. Not only do test writers need to compose the test items, they also must determine each item's difficulty in order to ensure that a test will neither be too hard nor too easy. Using item banks, test makers can escape this process. Item banks are files of various suitable test items that are "coded by subject area, instructional level, instructional objective measured, and various pertinent item characteristics (e.g., item difficulty and discriminating power)" (Gronlund, 1998, p. 130). The purpose of this digest is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using item banks as well as provide useful information to those who are considering implementing an item banking project in their school district. 
Advantages of Item Banking

The primary advantage of item banking is in test development. Using a item response theory...
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