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February/March-2012 (With Solutions)
Code No. : 4031

MBA I-Semester (New) Examination

February/March - 2012

( Course No. 1.1 )

Time: 3 Hours Note : Answer All the Questions ---

Max. Marks: 80

SECTION-A ( Marks: 10 × 2 = 20)
Note : Answer all the questions. 1. (a) Manager Vs Leader (b) Managerial skills (c) Features of modern OB (d) Positive reinforcement Vs Reinforcement (e) Matrix organization structure (f) Types of plans (g) Two-factor theory of motivation (h) Groups vs teams (i) (j) Sources of power Informal communication.

SECTION-B (Marks: 5 × 12 = 60)
Note : Answer all questions: 2. (a) What is Management? Explain the process of management. OR


(b) Trace the roots of contemporary management practices. (a) Discuss the nature and scope of organizational behavior. OR (b) Define perception and explain the perceptual process. (a) “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Explain. OR (b) Define organizational culture and discuss the factors shaping organizational culture. (a) “Leadership is situational”. Explain. OR (b) Define group cohesiveness and explain the factors affecting group cohesiveness.





Define conflict and discuss conflict management styles. OR

(b) Explain the barriers to effective communication and suggest measures to overcome the same. WARNING : Xerox/Photocopying of this book is a CRIMINAL act. Anyone found guilty is LIABLE to face LEGAL proceedings.

Management and Organizational Behaviour


SECTION-A ( Marks: 10 × 2 = 20 )
Q1. (a) Manager Vs Leader

Answer :
Manager 1. Achievement of Goals Managers adopt impersonal or passive attitude towards the accomplishment of goals. 2. Building Relationships Managers maintain low level of emotional involvement Leaders take the initiative and have more empathy with their subordinates. 3. Vision The most important function of a manager is to implement or execute the vision. (b) Managerial Skills


Leaders adopt a more personal and active atitude towards accomplishment of goals.

towards the subordinates.

The most important function of a leader is to formulate a vision for directing the organization.

Answer :
The Managers must enrich themselves with certain managerial skills so as to effectively manage, control and lead their subordinates. Managerial skills are classified into three types. They are as follows, 1. Technical Skills

These skills facilitates the managers to understand the use of tools, procedures, techniques etc., which are required for performing a specific task. 2. Interpersonal Skills

These skills are also termed as “Human skills”. These skills helps the managers to work with others, understand others, motivate, lead and resolve the conflicts of subordinates and in building group effort. 3. Conceptual Skills

These skills facilitates the managers to examine, diagnose and understand complex problems and identify solutions for these problems. (c) Features of Modern OB

Answer :
For answer refer Unit-II, Page No. 2.1, Q.No.1, Topic: Nature of Organizational Behaviour. (d) Positive Reinforcement Vs Reinforcement

Answer :
WARNING : Xerox/Photocopying of this book is a CRIMINAL act. Anyone found guilty is LIABLE to face LEGAL proceedings.


February/March-2012 (With Solutions)
Positive Reinforcement
1. 2. It is a presentation of a pleasant consequence, after the occurrence of the desired behaviour. In positive reinforcement, the behavior of an employee which plays a key role in organizational goal achievement is rewarded. Matrix Organization Structure 1. 2.

It is a behavioural contingency which basically increases the frequency of a specific behaviour. In reinforcement, the behavior of an employee is reinforced in order to continue and increase the desired behaviour.


Answer :
For answer refer Unit-III,...
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