The Level of Performance in Principles of Management of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration First Year Students in University of Northern Philippines.

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The level of success of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration freshmen achieved in their midterm of first semester of college has far-reaching implications for students’ personal and professional lives. Student success has an immediate influence on a student’s self-esteem, persistence in elected majors, and perseverance in higher education. Success in early semesters at college also ultimately impacts students’ post-college experiences, such as career choice, personal income and level of success, and degree and nature of participation in community life. Thus, the experience a student has in the introductory college classes she or he attends can have a significant influence on the course of that student’s adult life.

Management is not an absolute; rather it is socially and culturally determined. Across all cultures and in all societies, people coming together to perform certain collective acts encounter common problems having to do with establishing direction, coordination and motivation.

Anyone that has worked in different jobs throughout their life can tell you that there are many different styles of management. Sometimes that's defined by a company, which sets rules and regulations about how managers must carry out their job duties. In other companies, each manager manages in the way he or she feels is most effective or most comfortable. The way management is handled in a company can usually be tied to a specific management theory. Our lessons will guide you through a variety of those theories.

This study would let us know what could possibly be the problem that affects the performance of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration freshmen. This may also be an instrument in expressing and letting the College Administration be more aware of the needs of the students.

Statement of the Problem

The study aimed to determine the level of performance in Principles of Management of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration first year students in University of Northern Philippines.

Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the following factors:

a. sex,

b. present address,

c. home address,

d. civil status,

e. type of school graduated,

f. occupation of father,

g. occupation of mother,

h. family monthly income?

2. What is the level of performance of the BSBA first year students in Principles of Management in UNP?

3. Is there a significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and their performance in Principles of Management?

Scope and Delimitation

The study focused on the level of performance in Principles of Management of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration first year students in the University of Northern Philippines.

The respondents were chosen by purposive sampling. There were 60 respondents represented the whole BSBA first year students. A questionnaire checklist was constructed by the researchers to determine the level of performance of the respondents in University of Northern Philippines particularly in the College of Business Administration and Accountancy.

Theoretical Framework
Business principles and management focuses on the basics of finance, marketing, operations, and management. The theme of career planning permeates the subject matter. The student will explore many career fields and will be encouraged to think about and plan success as a business professional in one of the many career opportunities presented in the course. The course examines business in real life situations. The student is encouraged to think about the ethics of business practice, including the goal of improving society through business, and the global impact of business operations, as well as the fundamentals of earning a profit and managing a successful enterprise....
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