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The University of the State of New York REGENTS HIGH SCHOOL EXAMINATION


Tuesday, January 11, 2011 — 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., only

Check to make sure that the answer sheet that has been given to you has your name and student ID entered on it. If the information has not been pre-entered, you must do so now. You must also fill in the heading on each page of your essay booklet that has a space for it. The examination has four parts. Part 1 tests listening skills; you are to answer all eight multiple-choice questions. For Part 2, you are to answer all twelve multiple-choice questions. For Part 3, you are to answer all five multiple-choice questions and the two short constructed-response questions. For Part 4, you are to write one essay response. When you have completed the examination, you must sign the statement printed at the bottom of the front of the answer sheet, indicating that you had no unlawful knowledge of the questions or answers prior to the examination and that you have neither given nor received assistance in answering any of the questions during the examination. Your answer sheet cannot be accepted if you fail to sign this declaration. The use of any communications device is strictly prohibited when taking this examination. If you use any communications device, no matter how briefly, your examination will be invalidated and no score will be calculated for you.



Comp. Eng. — Jan. ’11




Comp. Eng. — Jan. ’11



Part 1
Multiple-Choice Questions Directions (1–8): Use your notes to answer the following questions about the passage read to you. Select the best suggested answer to each question and record your answer, using a No. 2 pencil, on the separate answer sheet provided for you. 1 As stated by the speaker, letter writing presented Abigail Adams with (1) an unexpected friendship (2) a trivial pastime (3) an emotional release (4) a displeasing chore 2 For the speaker, the “journey” through Abigail Adams’ many letters proved to be (1) revealing (3) humorous (2) sorrowful (4) tedious 3 Which issue of world concern may have been influenced by Abigail Adams’ letters? (1) medical policies (3) land expansion (2) free trade (4) military actions 4 By stating that Abigail Adams “reached beyond the kitchen and the nursery,” the speaker suggests that Abigail (1) suffered from boredom (2) broke with tradition (3) sought new friends (4) traveled the country 5 Abigail Adams advised her husband to create laws that would (1) protect women (3) enforce treaties (2) promote commerce (4) supply troops 6 According to the account, the comparison of Abigail Adams to a “guiding planet around which all revolved” suggests her ability to (1) isolate individuals (2) encourage conformity (3) initiate action (4) criticize others 7 In recognizing that she was a “woman in a man’s world,” Abigail Adams reveals her (1) desire for fame (3) sense of humor (2) financial ability (4) political awareness 8 The speaker’s tone in the account can be described as (1) harsh (3) sarcastic (2) respectful (4) objective

Comp. Eng. — Jan. ’11


Part 2
Directions (9–20): Below each passage, there are several multiple-choice questions. Select the best suggested answer to each question and record your answer, using a No. 2 pencil, on the separate answer sheet provided for you. Reading Comprehension Passage A …It was late in December, the last busy days of the year. But the seven or eight boys on the windy beach were as lighthearted and free as ever. The eldest was twelve, the youngest nine. They were gathered beneath a dune in lively discussion. Some were standing. Others sat. One rested his chin in his hands, elbows dug deep in the sand. As they talked, the sun went down in the west. Their talking now...
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