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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Date: 14/8/2012
Time: 8.00 – 9.00 a.m. (60 minutes)
Year: 1 (One)
No of pupils: 30
Theme: Chad the Milkman
Lesson summary: Teacher begins the lesson with showing Big Book entitled ‘Chad the Milkman’. Teacher tells pupils to read a book they must start from left to right. From the picture of the book, pupils answer Wh question; why did the man fall? Using Big Book, teacher tells the story. Teacher divides the pupils into groups and asks to retell the story in their own creativity. Teacher distributes a work sheet (mix ability) and asks the pupils to finish it. Learning outcomes:

Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1.Pupils read the story at least 3 times during lesson.
2.Spell, pronounce and utilize at least 5 words from the story. 3.Observe and describe verbally at least 1 happening in the story. 4.Express personal opinion about the character of the story. 5.Work independently to finish the work sheet given.

Students’ previous knowledge:
Content: Listening and speaking, reading and vocabulary, past tense, simple tense Teaching aids: Big Book, work sheet, teacher’s work sheet (majong paper) Moral values: Courage, rationality, respect, self-reliance, co-opeartion Thinking skills: Give reasons

StagesActivitiesProceduresThinking skills/Moral valueNotes Set Induction
(3 min)Showing Big Book

Teacher introduces and shows Big Book to the pupils.

Class, this is a Big Book. This is a very large book.

Teacher enlighten to the pupils that to read book, they must start from left to right.

Children, every time you read and English book you must start from left to right.

Teacher show the cover of the Big Book and asks the pupils opinions about it and introduce the word daydream. Class, look at this picture. Why did the man fall?

“Daydream is thinking about something you like while awake”
Give reason

Big Book
Activity 1
(pre reading 20 min)

Introduce the Big Book story.Teacher tells the pupils what they are going to do.

Today, we are going to read a story entitled ‘Chad the Milkman’

Teaching tell story using Big Book.

Once, there was a milkman named Chad. He liked to daydream.

One day, he went to the market. He carried a churn of milk on his head. He wanted to sell the milk at the market. On the way to the market, he daydreamed about what he would do with his money.

Chad: I will buy more cows. I will get more milk. I will sell the milk. I will buy a big farm. I will buy a big house.

Suddenly, he tripped on a stone and fell. The milk spilled. He walked home sadly.

Teacher retells the story for the second time.

Teacher asks pupils whether they like the story or not. (pupils gives their opinion)

After finish reading, teacher asks pupils to read after him and then asks them to read it back without teacher support.

Teacher divides the pupils into groups and asks the pupils to act and retell the story.

Class, sit into you group. Now teacher want you to act and retell the story.Respect Courage
Big Book
Activity 2
(while reading 20 min)

In group, teacher distributes work sheet (mix ability) to every pupil.

First work sheet

Answer the question.

1.Who is Chad? (milkman/farmer)
Chad is a __________

2.What did he want to sell? (chicks/milk)
He wanted to sell__________

3.Tick (/) Chad’s wishes.
He will buy a big cot. ( )
He will buy a big house. ( )
He will buy a big far. ( )

4.What happened to his milk? (tripped/spilled)
The milk_________

5.How did Chad feel? (happy/sad)
Chad was__________

Second work sheet

Read and write.

Chad’s Wishes
I will buy a big house.I will get more milk.
I will buy a farm.I will buy more cows

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