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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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1. Early Emergent (3-5 years old)

2.1 Who was the greatest person who influenced me to reading?

My mother was the very first teacher I’ve ever had ever since I existed she taught me a lot of things – one of these is reading. She was taught me the importance of reading and on how reading can take us to anywhere through imagination.

2.2 What was my first reading material?

My first reading material is a book, consisted of alphabets.

2.3 Unforgettable experience in learning to read.
I cannot remember my unforgettable experience in learning to read because of the years that has passed, and I was very young at that time, but I can state that when I was already able to read not only the alphabet but also the simple sentences is unforgettable for me at most. 2.4 What is the role of my family in the development of my reading skills?

My Family plays a vital role in the development of my reading skills, they assure their selves that I am reading different books or article to learn different new words. They’re focuses in teaching me how to read. My family has guided me all throughout, and even though I have already know how to read before, they keep on letting me read more and more just to introduce me with some unfamiliar words. 2. Dimension of College Reading

3.5 Reading Efferently Vs. Reading Aesthetically
3.6.1 What specific books have I read efferently?
3.6.2 What specific book have I read aesthetically?

2.1.1 Efferent Reading| 2.1.2 Aesthetic Reading |
1. Pocketbooks | 1. The Brethren|
2. Computer Books| 2. How to kill a Mockingbirds | 3. Magazines| 3. Dictionary|
4. Newspaper| 4. Encyclopedia |

2.2 What strategies do you use when you are reading something and you don’t understand?
There’s a time when I don’t understand the article that I’m reading. Instead of stopping, I usually stare at that particular word and...
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