Editorial Writing

Topics: Newspaper, Opinion journalism, Editorial Pages: 4 (459 words) Published: December 4, 2012
By Regent Professor Alfredo G. Gabot

* Explain the importance of editorials in community conversation * Write editorials that explain, evaluate or persuade and others * Understand the role of columns, reviews, analysis, editorial cartoons, others * Ability to comment on news intelligently

* Editorial
* Editorial Page
* Masthead
* Op-ed Page
* Editorial Board (Brainstorming)
* Editorial that explains
* Editorial that evaluates
* Editorial that persuades
Where to begin?
* "The editorial page of the paper should begin where the rest of the paper leaves off." * Vermont c. Royster Pulitzer Prize winning editorial writer. * The reader should find ideas about the things reported

Ideas in opinion
* An editorial is an article that states the newspaper's idea on an issue. These ideas are presented as opinion. * Editorials appear on the newspaper's editorial page. A page which includes editorials, columns, opinion articles, reviews, letters and cartoons. * If the paper contains more than one opinion page, the others are called op-ed pages.  

Editorial defined
* Official stand of newspaper, media outlet on relevant development or issue * Important, of interest to the public
* Critical interpretation
* It is the interpretation of the people's conscience, cause and convictions - Joseph Pulitzer * Presentation of facts and opinion in a concise, logical manner so it will be clear to the readers.  

* Interestiing
* Brief
* Purposeful
* Clerness of style
* Moral purpose
* Sound reasoning
* Power to influence
* Lead logically to conclusion
* Present only one idea
* Avoid wordiness and high-faluttin words
* Present facts and not mere opinions.
Voice, Soul
* Editorial page- - voice of...
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