Dr. Beckitt's Dental Office

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BA 235 Services Marketing Case Solution ~ Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office

CASE BACKGROUND Dr. Beckett is a dentistry graduate with high technical expertise. After her studies, she established her dentistry business and she was able to sustain constant revenue with high profit margin. However, in spite of the technical talent she gained from the university, she lacks the core knowledge in business. Since the dentistry industry is rapidly changing due to technology and government regulation in health, Beckett’s margin has declined due to continuously increasing overhead cost. She needs to adapt in the changing environment by investing in new technologies and spend for staff’s trainings. She strongly believes in providing a higher quality level of dental services by enhancing the office service environment and providing her staff with intensive training.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Dr. Beckett recently moved to a bigger dental office which allowed her to revamp the service aspects of the business all geared towards improving quality. While she feels that the company should pursue quality differentiation strategy, she also recognizes that doing so is very demanding and quite difficult. What should be the appropriate long term positioning strategy that the company should adapt and how should it be best communicated to customers? CASE ANALYSIS: Flower of Service Core Service: Beautiful smile and good dental hygiene.

BA 235 Services Marketing Case Solution ~ Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office

Facilitating Elements

Information - Dr. Beckett dental service offers high quality dental service by providing high level services. They have good environment architecture; there is an entertainment area while waiting. Her goal is to provide superior dentistry in an efficient, profitable manner within the confines of a caring and quality environment.

Order-taking – Patients should be kept waiting not longer 20 minutes without giving option for rescheduling. These enhance the service quality of her business because it reduces and outcome of unsatisfied customers due to long waiting time.

Consultation – Patient has to schedule for appointment prior to consultation. It maximizes the office capacity and avoids customer traffic. Since this is a care service, too much crowd will give impression to the customers that they will not be given enough attention because of lots of patients.

Billing – a separate person is responsible for billing and operation budgeting. Payment- although it is not mentioned in the case, we assume that person who is responsible for billing is the same person who is doing the billing. This setup gives impressions to customers that Beckett’s business operation is smoothly practiced which enable the clinic to concentrate in its core service.

Enhancing Elements

Service environment – The new office located in Northern California town. The structure is based from Scandinavian design. It is filled by wooden furniture, live plants and walls are covered with arts. The design gives a value adding to customers because their anxiety and fear on dental clinic is somehow eliminated.

BA 235 Services Marketing Case Solution ~ Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office

Hospitality- Patients can enjoy a cup of coffee, browse from huge selection of magazine while waiting. Security (Not mentioned in the case)

Exceptions (Not mentioned in the case)

7 Ps Product / Service Aligned with its vision of offering superior quality dentistry, Dr. Beckett aims to provide customers with a beautiful smile and good dental hygiene for greater confidence. We are assuming that the actual service covers the full range from dental check-up, cleaning, tooth extraction, reconstruction, etc. It’s true that a visit to the dentist is a grudge task and not considered to be a priority by lot of people. Hence there is a need to provide superior quality service to correct the misconceptions and...
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