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You are MSgt Young, assigned to the 342d Recruiting Squadron at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although your squadron headquarters is in Minneapolis, you are assigned as the flight chief for the southern Wisconsin region and eight recruiters total. You' re the rater for all eight recruiters. The 342d covers almost all of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The flight office is in Madison, Wisconsin, and you are next door to the recruiting office. Your supervisor, SMSgt Hughes, works at headquarters. He's a good boss but will sometimes send a little extra work your way because of your knowledge and experience in supervision. SMSgt Hughes has two subordinates: SrA Delk (unit administrator) and A IC Griffey (unit vehicle NCO).

The recruiting business is fastpaced . Fortunately, you have eight top-notch recruiters who are experienced and hardworking. Your fl ight recruits at least 225 young people a year. This job requires complete dedication. There' s no such thing as "regular" duty hours, because most actual recruiting takes place after 1630. During the day, your recruiters are preparing mail - outs, taking care of administrative duties, and documenting personnel interview records (PIRs). The PLRs are a complete history of all communication between a recruiter and individuals in the delayed entry program (OEP). It ' s important for your recruiters to keep in constant communication with their "OEPPERs" (recruits in the OEP) to keep them motivated and prepared for basic training. At any given time, there may be 25 recruits in the OEP, and their recruiter is their first line supervisor. Your recruiters are also visiting 25 high schools, 7 colleges, and making numerous classroom presentations. Each of your recruiters is responsible for a two- to three-county area (zone).

Your job is fairly easy because you have great recruiters, but there are always surprises that pop up. The weather is highly unpredictable. Government owned vehicles (GOYs) break down, and sometimes applicants get cold feet about shipping out to Lackland! Your subordinates are spread out over five recruiting offices.

The Madison recruiting office is in the same building as your flight office and has two fine recruiters : TSgt Fuller and SSgt Hernandez. Normally you rate on all your recruiters, although there are times when you give the ranking person in a two-person office a chance to hone his or her supervisory skills.

Sergeant Fuller has been in the Air Force 11 years, 2 of which have been in the recruiting service. She' s married with no children, is your resident expert in drill and ceremony procedures, and is a hard-charging, type A NCO.

Sergeant Hernandez has been in the Air Force for 10 years and in recruiting for over 2 years. He' s your go-to person for self-help projects. He' s personable and has good rapport with his recruits.

In the Janesville recruiting office, TSgt Jay has 16 years of Air Force experience, and he' s been in the recruiting world for about 3 years. He does a great job of keeping the flight focused on force protection issues.

Senior Airman Hawkins has 6 years in the Air Force but just over I year in recruiting. He' s married, and you have sensed that his wife may not be thrilled about all the hours he puts in, so you keep close communication with him about his home life.

The Lacrosse recruiting office handles the northwestern part of your zone and has two recruiters. Technical Sergeant Taylor has been in the Air Force 15 years and the recruiting service almost 3 of those years. He is a linguist by trade and does a great job recruiting folks for this demanding field . He is also the additional duty unit mobility NCO. The unit is assigned to an AEF; therefore, it requires a mobility NCO to track deployment taskings even though they are extremely rare.

Senior Airman Porter has 5 years in the service, and 18 months in recruiting. He' s the only single recruiter who works for you. He works hard and plays just...
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