Dissertation Submission Check List

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Ho Chi Minh Pages: 7 (2087 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Format of submission file |
| * File format: .doc, .docx, .pdf (any of these 3)| | | * Name format: Dissertation – Full name of student – ID number of student – Name of the course Eg: Dissertation – Nguyen Van A – 77111111 – MAITF01SG * Module: Dissertation * Full name of student: Nguyen Van A * ID number of student: 77111111 * Name of the course (MAITF cohort 1 in Saigon): MAITF01SG | | Cover page|

| * Format of cover page should be the standardized in term of fulfilling information due to your university (i.e. Leeds Metropolitan University or University of Gloucestershire) | | | * Students have to fulfill these given information in cover page:Eg: * Name of university: Leeds Metropolitan University * Name of faculty: Faculty of Business and Law * Name of dissertation: DISSERTATION ON… * Name of student: BY NGUYEN VAN A * Student ID: 77111111 * Dissertation Supervisor: TODD ENDRESS * For University of Gloucestershire’s students only: “PRESENTED AS PART OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE AWARD OF MBA DEGREE WITHIN THE POST GRADUATE MODULAR SCHEME AT UNIVERSITY OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE” * Location – Year: Ho Chi Minh - 2011| | Statement of Originality and Authenticity|

| * You have to write something like this (the meaning should be equal but the words can be altered):This dissertation is an original and authentic piece of work by myself. I have fully acknowledged and referenced all material incorporated form secondary sources. It has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessmentI have read the Examination Regulations and I am aware of the potential consequences of any breach of them.Ho Chi Minh, 5th February, 2011(Signature) ....Nguyen Van A – 77111111 – MAITF01SGWord count: 18,000 words (exclusively References and Appendices)| | Acknowledgement|

| * You have to write something like this (the meaning should be equal but the words can be altered): * I would like to thank to my dissertation supervisor, my research method lecturer (and my wife, my family, Academy of Finance…) for… * Ho Chi Minh, 5th February, 2011 * (Signature) … * Nguyen Van A – 77111111 – MAITF01SG| | Table of Contents|

| * Your Table of Contents should be designed and structured like this: (Recommendation of fully academic dissertation table of contents)(Note that the ORDER and the NAME of these RED parts may be ALTERED in term of your university’s /supervisor’s requirements)Statement of originality and authenticity/ Declaration (compulsory)iAcknowledgements (normal format)iiTable of contents (compulsory)iii Lists of figures (if needed)vList of tables (if needed)viAbbreviation (if needed)viiiAbstract (compulsory)ixCHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION (compulsory)11.1. RESEARCH BACKGROUND (compulsory)11.2. OVERAL RESEARCH AIM AND INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES (compulsory)11.3. RESEARCH QUESTIONS (compulsory but could be placed in CHAPTER 3 instead due to your supervisor’s requirement)21.4. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY (compulsory)31.5. OUTLINE STRUCTURE (compulsory)51.6. RESEARCH LIMITATIONS (if needed)5CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW (depends on your topic to design this flexibly)52.1. INTRODUCTION 52.2. DEFINITIONS/CONCEPTS… (if needed)62.2.1. Definitions of… (if needed)62.2.2. Classification of… (just example - if needed)102.2.3. Motives of… (if need)112.3. THEORIES (if needed)132.3.1. Agency theories (just example – if needed)132.3.2. Theory X and Theory Y (just example – if needed)132.4. MODEL (if needed)142.4.1. SWOT analysis (just example – if needed)14 2.4.2. The Porter’s Diamond model analysis (just example – if needed)142.5. REVIEW OF PREVIOUS (RELEVANT/INVOLVING) STUDIES AROUND THE WORLD AND VIETNAM182.6. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER (if needed)20CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (compulsory)233.1. INTRODUCTION 233.2. RESEARCH STRATEGY (compulsory)243.3. RESEARCH PARADIGM AND...
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