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Topics: Africa, Christopher Columbus, Americas Pages: 3 (517 words) Published: January 9, 2013

Finding the Big Idea (FBI) Notes
1. Read each section of the assigned reading carefully.
2. Write one main idea sentence that summarizes each bold black subheading. You should use and underline the subheading in the sentence. 3. Next, write one main idea sentence that summarizes each purple heading. This covers the information of the bold black headings of that section. You should use and underline the purple heading in the sentence.

Text: Norton, Mary Beth, A People and a Nation.. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2001), 4-7.

Chapter 1: “Three Old Worlds Create a New 1492-1600”

I. In the era before Columbus, American societies were incredibly diverse in farming methods, language, technology, and culture. A. Paleo-Indians, or the first nomadic Americans, spread throughout North and South America. B. As agriculture developed, it became an important part of the the culture, creating stable food supplies and labor surpluses that allowed for advanced civilizations to develop. C. Mesoamerican Civilizations included the Olmecs (earliest) and Mayan people who built temple pyramids, advanced trading centers, studied astronomy and created the first writing system in the Americas. D. Moundbuilders, Anasazi, and Mississipians may have been influenced by the Mesoamerican civilizations, but it is unlikely that the Moundbuilders and Anasazi did more than trade with them; however, the Mississippians, who created large cities, may have actually been Mesoamerican colonists. E. The Aztecs were a warrior nation who conquered vast regions until the arrival of Europeans in 1492.

Based on the example above, complete the following outline on a separate sheet of paper. You may type it or use pencil or pen.

II. North America in 1492 [Write this sentence 5th.]
A. Sexual Division of Labor in North America [Write this sentence 1st.]
B. Social Organization [Write this sentence 2nd.]
C. War and Politics [Write this...
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