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ICT and Society

Key points

Information technology has created an entire new industry. Many thousands of people now make their living directly in the IT world.

ICT – Information Communication Technology

Examples of jobs created: Programmers, Systems Managers, Technicians, Consultants, Data Processing Staff, Network Designers, Network Managers, Web Designers, Technical authors.

New industries: Mobile Telecommunications, ATM (Automatic Teller Machines – cash machines which rely on online checks to validate requests) and many companies have arisen because of the Internet.

Old / Changed jobs: Many traditional jobs have disappeared with less demand for manual labour. Typesetters (used to set out newspapers) and some factory workers (replaced by more ‘reliable’ robots).

Changed jobs: Most jobs have changed as a result of computers. For example secretaries can use office software, shop assistants scan bar codes and police use databases to track criminals. ICT has had an enormous impact on society.

Teleworking: Computers and computer communication have made working from home a possibility.

Advantages: less travel, working hours to suit the individual, no need to live near the work place, savings of expensive office space.

Disadvantages: Less social contact, a suitable room has to be found at home, likelihood of interruptions or distractions from family.

EPOS – Electronic Point of Sale

EFTPOS – Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale

Credit cards – allow the holder to borrow money when making a purchase and settle up later.

Debit cards – transfer money that is already in someone’s bank account to settle a bill.

‘Cashless society’ – some people thing that eventually few transactions will be in cash. Smart cards will allow you to charge them up with money and use them for small transactions. However, some people prefer to use money, some people may not be able to obtain bank accounts or...
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