Determination of the Activation Energy of an Enzyme Catalysed Reaction

Topics: Chemical reaction, Reaction rate, Enzyme Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Determination of the Activation Energy of an Enzyme Catalysed Reaction PRACTICAL Report & Criterion Reference Grid
* The expected sequence and details required for your practical report are outlined below. Please follow them closely, as they will facilitate the production of a structured report. * An introduction giving a synopsis of the experiment and the importance of rates of reaction and activation energy. This section should also state the aim of the practical (0.50-page) – 5 marks. * Materials and Method - List all materials used, conversion and adaptation made to the practical schedule. Include diagrams where appropriate. The handout with the method and procedures used throughout the practical must be included with/as part of your report. You must also indicate/include all changes and alterations made during the experiment to this section of the practical report. Do not rewrite this section! – 5 marks * Results – This section should include:

* Table of data for calibration curve
* Graph – calibration curve (absorbance vs. [p-NP].
* Tables of data for enzyme assay @ 25oC and 35oC, showing absorbance of each timed sample & corresponding [p-NP] read from calibration curve. * Graph of [p-NP] vs. time for each temperature

* Calculation of rate of reaction @ each temp.
* Calculation of activation energy
* Marks will be allocated in this section as follows (Total = 35 marks): * Calibration: table of data & graph: (5+5) 10 marks.
* Test samples: table of data for 25oC & 35oC: (5+5) 10 marks. * Graph showing results for 25oC & 35oC: 10 marks (5+5). * Calculation of rate reaction & activation energy: 5 marks. * Discussion – provide an analysis of the data obtained in the practical and also appropriate conclusions. You must also ensure that you use the data from your practical (including your results from your control experiment) to support the points that you are making. You...
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