Democratic Theory and Practice

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Political Studies Department

Democratic Theory and Practice
First Semester 2013

Potential Class Test Questions

You are encouraged to prepare for this examination collectively, using whatever information you find relevant (e.g. class notes, readings, the library, throw the dice, etc…). At the same time, we will attach a great deal of weight to the originality of your answers (e.g. making insights, or using examples different to those we used in class).

On Wednesday 20 March, you will have forty-five (45) minutes to answer some of the questions listed below. Your answers will be evaluated on completeness, conciseness, organization and originality. Good luck!

Part I. Identification

In at most one paragraph, define and discuss the significance or relevance of the following (using examples to illustrate your points). Answer six of the following items.
(You will be given 10 choices, of which you will have to answer 5)
1. Procedural Vs. Substantive Definitions of Democracy
2. Minimalist Vs Maximalist Definitions of Democracy
3. Procedural Prerequisite Vs. Behavioural Outcome Definitions of Democracy 4. Validity and Reliability
5. Transparency
6. Type of Data and Levels of Precision
7. Freedom House Index of Political Freedom
8. Przeworski / Cheibub Index of Autocracy/Democracy
9. Transition to Democracy
10. Legitimation Crisis
11. Hurting Stalemate
12. Liberalizing Vs. Democratizing Reforms
13. The Third Wave of Democratization
14. Positive Conjunctures of Democratization
15. The 1974 Portuguese Coup
16. The Unsolved Dilemmas of the Demos Kratia

Part II. Essay

Answer one of the following questions. Be as complete as possible, and give examples to illustrate your arguments.
(You will be given four and must answer one).

1. What do we know about the way in which countries transitioned to democracy in the latter 20th century? What are the key variables to consider in comparing...
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