Delegation Survey

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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This questionnaire will help you to access yourself how well you can delegate the tasks among your subordinates. Rate yourself accordingly: 1) Strongly Agree
2) Agree
3) Neither Agree or Disagree
4) Disagree
5) Strongly Disagree

STATEMENT - 1| SCORE (1 to 5)|
Delegate tasks to ease the workload| 30% - agree70% - Disagree| Show confidence in staff to complete tasks| 40% -agree60% - Disagree| Allow staff to undertake delegated work in their own way| 30% - agree70% - Disagree| Know everyone in your team well in terms of their strengths and weaknesses| 50% - Agree50% - Disagree| Give clear instructions when delegating| 80% - Agree20% - Disagree| View delegation as an opportunity to develop individuals| 50% - Agree50% - Disagree| Provide training to inexperienced staff in new skills to undertake a task| 90% - Agree10% - Disagree| Agree a completion time for the task and review as appropriate| 100% - Agree| Tell your staff and other people what authority they have when delegating a task| 50% - Agree50% - Disagree| Set standards appropriate to the task| 90%- Agree10% - Disagree| Tolerate mistakes, recognizing that people learn through them| 30% - Agree70% - Disagree| Balance the workload of your staff| 50% - Agree50% - Disagree| Identify the tasks you should not delegate| 80%- Agree20%- Disagree| Consider the effects of delegating unpleasant or tedious tasks on the team| 80%- Agree20%- Disagree| Ask for information on your staff’s workload and schedules before delegating| 70% -Agree30 % - disagree| Think about the amount you should delegate to your staff in terms of their workload and yours| 90% - Agree10 – Disagree| Give feedback to staff, both positive and negative, when they have completed a task| 90% - Agree10 – Disagree|

Which Management Style best suits you?
Autocratic – Where manager takes decision unilaterally
Consultative - Where managers take...
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