Criminal Justice Review for Exam

Topics: Police, Prison, Crime Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: December 12, 2012

1) Three strikes and you’re out… legislation in California has a negative effect it didn’t deter crime it didn’t help anything 3 felonies and you earn a life sentence. 2) The get tough stance against criminals presumed that crime will decrease. 3) Habitual Offender laws target criminals with three or more felony convictions. 4) Radical trials of the 60s and how they challenged the courts? They did not respect the judges, they read papers during trial. 5) Three aspects of the law in an ideological system – possibly liberal and radical (going to ask grennan in class) 6) KNAPP Commission ---1972 Serpico, Luci, Logan, Phillips 7) Members of the Supreme Court are adjourned from where? Selected by the President, confirmed by Congress. 8) Whipping the stocks and pillaring are forms of capital, corporal, physical punishment. 9) Who created the prison system in Pennsylvania? Quakers (William Penn?) 10) Pennsylvania system rested on a principle of solitary confinement? (All of the above) 11) Auburn system rested on a principle of congregate system, code of silence, separated by criminal type, kept in individual cells, maximum security- worked together in the morning isolated at night? (All of the above) 12) Prison industries? (three of them, know what they are) Prisoners will work for the state, private corporations lease the prisoners… (ask class/grennan) 13) 19th century we shifted from ______ forms of punishment to mostly forms. (Ask class/grennan) 14) One of the earliest forms of imprisonment was? Around 1596 in Amsterdam. Work houses / house of corrections / Dungeons 15) First state prison in America? Walnut Street Jail

16) Reformatory system introduced _____________ innovations. (Zebulon Brockway) Believed that prison was to rehabilitate not punish. Taught useful trades, educated prisoners, academic programs, library, a gym. Indeterminate Sentencing in prisons. 17) Origins of modern systems of parole: If they were reformed...
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