Cosc 1301 – Lecture Test Three Study Guide Chapters 7 – 9 and...

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Cosc 1301 – Lecture Test Three Study Guide Chapters 7 – 9 and Ethics Issue

By | November 2012
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The technology used to distribute blogs and online content is called _____________ (3 letters) which stands for _________________ ______________________ _______________________.

What is a VOICE PRINT? What could it be used for?

What can you do with digitized sound to insure secure communication?

What is a major limitation of native digital audio formats?

What type of communication media has transformed the radio industry?

Transferring music from CD to MP3 is called _______________________________________

Audio files compressed into MP3 files can be reduced to less than _____________ of their size.

PowerPoint is an example of a software application that uses _____________________________. (a type of graphics that allows for easy resizing of images)
Animation uses successive _____ to create the impression of an object moving.

Digital images are made up of a grid of small points called _____.

Most digital cameras use the default _____ file format to compress the size of photos.
Digital Photography ____________-editing software allows you to improve the look of your captured image.

A digital camera uses a _____ card as its storage device.

Digital cameras are” ranked” by the amount of _____ they can capture.

Instead of sending photo date to a printer, some printers accept a camera’s _____ card as input.

The _____ of a digital camera is measured in megapixels.

What is most expensive about your printer? When deciding whether to purchase a photo printer, it is important to consider the cost of printer paper and _____.
_______________ media is programming or music that can be accessed any time of the day, regardless of the television and radio schedules. (Hint – not stored on a hard drive or any type of local device)

Companies such as _____ have connected with libraries to digitize millions of books....

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