Consuming Salt Assignment

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Salt is made up of 40 percent sodium and 60 percent of chloride, is a very important part of daily lives as it helps maintain your blood’s water content, balances acids and bases in your blood, and it helps in the movement of electrical charges which are in your nerves throughout your muscles. A human being should consume about 2400 mg of salt daily. On average, humans tend to go over the recommended amount. The food industry adds 75 percent of the sodium that we humans consume. The following additives resemble plenty of sodium: color developer, which assists in the colour development in meats. Fermentation controller, which does the organic check in cheeses and baked goods. Binder, which helps to hold the meat together when being cooked. Texture aid, allows dough to expand and prevents from tearing apart. Salt is a part of the food processing. Only way to reduce your intake on dietary salt is to purchase low salt processed foods and switch from processed foods to fresh foods. Look for sodium free, very low sodium, reduced sodium or unsalted terms on the food labels of the food your purchase. You could also try avoiding food items which contain more than 180 milligrams of sodium.

Another strategy to avoid dietary salt intake is look out for these food products. Example, bacon, cheese, canned vegetables, anchovies, cooking sauces, gravy, salad dressings, hot dogs, ham, sea salt, soy sauce etc. These edibles contain high amounts of sodium in them and humans should try avoiding them as much as possible. However, manufacturers have tend to lower the amount of sodium inside these edibles, so there is a possibility of finding these food products in low salt form. Always make sure to check the food label when buying any food product so that way you are aware of what you are consuming. There is also another way to approach food when it comes down to lowering your salt intake. For instance, you could go on a low sodium diet. Instead of avoiding high sodium foods you...
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