Consumer Behaviour Towards Apple

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Table of Contents
Purpose of the Project3
Objective of the Project3
Justification of the Project4
Significance of the Project5
Outline of the Project5
SWOT Analysis7
Literature Review9
Range and Pricing of the iPod9
Marketing Strategy10
Utility as Product11
iPod’s Utility is highly improved by Apps11
Social Status12
Bandwagon Effect12
Hypothesis Development13
Research Methodology13
Identifying the Variables14
Developing a Research Instrument14
Selecting a Sample14
Actual Collection of Data14
Hypothesis Testing, Result & Conclusion15
For Owners of the iPod15
For Non-Owners of the iPod17
Future Research20
Survey : 1For Sample of Population who have an iPod25
Survey : 2For Sample of Population who don’t have an iPod27
B.Survey Analysis28
Survey : 1For Sample of Population who have an iPod28
Survey : 2For Sample of Population who don’t have an iPod32

Purpose of the Project

Apple launched iPod, the world’s first portable hard disk media player in 2001. The launch of the iPod has brought about a revolution in the music industry with preferences of the consumers having changed from physical sales to digital sales. We would study the iPod phenomenon and the factors that have led to its tremendous consumer response. Currently, Apple iPod is the leader in portable music player devices all over the world. With sales of more than 45 million iPods in the period from July 2010 to June 2011, iPods have a major chunk in the share of Apple’s revenues apart from the iPad and the iPhone. We therefore plan to analyse the factors impacting the sustainability of the iPod, since 11 years of its launching. Through this project we aim to understand the consumer behaviour especially amongst the youth in Gurgaon, India. We would analyse the perception and profile of the consumers keeping in mind their age, income, economic background among some of the dynamics. Subsequently, we would analyse the factors affecting the buying behaviour of the target audience.

Objective of the Project

The objectives of the project are:
1. To study the strategies adopted by Apple to become a market leader in the portable media player segment. 2. To study the factors affecting the buying behaviour of the youth by answering certain questions like who buys the iPod? Why do they buy the iPod? What do they like about the iPod? How is the iPod better than its competitors and many more such questions. 3. To study the impact of the Apple iTunes App Store in expanding the market.

Justification of the Project

There are various reasons for us selecting the Apple iPod as the topic for the research. The portable music player industry worldwide has been growing at an exceptionally high rate since the arrival of the iPod in 2001. At a point where Sony took 30 years to sell 2,30,000 walkman cassette players, Apple’s iPod reached sales figures of 300 million plus in less than 10 years. This shows the potential and the scope of the portable media player industry with Apple selling on an average more than 40 million iPods over the last 5 years. The Apple iPod is not just a music player anymore. With the advancement in technology and the launching of the iPod Touch, it has become an entertainment device encompassing music, movies, games and books. The iTunes App Store, where people can download various apps to customize their iPods has more than 500,000 apps. With more than 18 billion app downloads till date, both free and paid, it has given rise to a new field of app development. The iPod also ushered in an era of digital music sales...
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