A World of Ipods

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  • Published : April 27, 2009
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In Andrew Sullivan’s essay, “Society is Dead: We Have Retreated into the iWorld,” he explains how people have began to live life in their own little bubble. This bubble is being created by the distraction of the iPod. He backs up his claims with a first hand experience when he went to New York. He describes seeing people and how “each were in his or her own musical world, walking to their own soundtrack…almost oblivious to the world around them (Sullivan 424).” However, Sullivan fails to show credentials in his writing and bases it primarily on his first hand experience. He fails to realize the technological advances that have come forth from the introduction of the iPod. Since then much greater devices have come about including the iPhone. The iPod has been a stepping stone in helping to bridge gaps in communication today. In Sullivan’s article he provides readers with the idea that the iPod is killing society. He takes it so far as to compare iPod’s to a cult. Making statements to, “walk through any airport in the United States these days and you will see person after person gliding through the social ether as if on autopilot (Sullivan 425).” Sullivan’s main point of focus is how it has changed and shaped New York city. Arguing how much quieter New York’s night life has become. Once a loud bustling city full of energy, it has turned into “people walking down the street in their own MP3 cocoon (Sullivan 425).” The iPod has been such a hit that now everyone is getting one and they seem to listen to them all the time. This leads to the main point that Sullivan argues. He believes that the iPod is bringing down the interaction in today’s society. The iPod has even changed the way people live there lives. People will spend countless minutes organizing and setting up their playlists in their iPod. This way they will always have music to listen to depending on the mood they are in. People use to listen to music when they were in their house or in their...
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