Comparison between Wordsworth and Coleridge

Topics: Romanticism, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Poetry Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Before one can undertake a comparative study of these two poet's philosophies, their background and sentiments must be panoramically surveyed. However, due to time constraints, I will focus on the little that time permits me to. Wordsworth writes in a subjective style. He examines his state of mind or consciousness before attempting to write a creative work. This is largely why he fell in love in nature and became a natureworshipper. He believes in a primodial relationship between the mind of man and the nature around him. Coleridge on the other hand is quite objective. His works arise out of the factual and biographical antecendence that surrounds his life. Wordsworth's writings are highly sequential, logical and remain in a single thought form all thoughout his creative endeavors. Coleridge writes in fragments and he his unable to maintain a single thought probably due to his opium use which he is notorius for. Wordsworth isnt rebelious in his writings. He seeks not to attack any person but to establish his own views while Coleridge in his 'Biographia Literaria', he dedicates some chapters just to rebel and criticize wordsworth's ideals. Wordsworth establishes in his famous preface that there is no difference between the language of prose and poetry as they both one and the same thing while Coleridge differentiates these two concepts on the basis that poetry contains metre and rhyme while prose doesnot contain these. Wordsworth in his preface believes that a real language that can communicate to the low, common or rustic people should be the language of poetry while Coleridge admonishes that there is no 'real' language as language differs based on education, culture, belief, etc, but that a 'lingua communis' should be used. Wordsworth's famous preface can be regarded as the manifesto of romanticism because it echoes key feature inherent in the works of the romantics but Coleridge's Biographia Literaria is largely an autobiographical works which strayed from...
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