Sample Intro Romanticism

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  • Published : March 5, 2012
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Sample introduction 1

The Romantic period represented the cataclysmic influence of the epochal events happening in France which sharpened the historical sense in a way that no other event had ever done. Never before had a movement in literature and the arts as a whole actively engaged with the political, social, economic and intellectual climate as during this period. Romanticism propelled experimentation in the artistic expression and thought and as the Romantics lived in an age of democratic revolution they engaged in political dissent too, identifying with the people. The essence of Romanticism though is its indulgence in the passionate subjectivity, in the value of individual experience and the exploration of the notions of transcendence and infinity. This meant that Romanticism as a way of thinking revolutionised the appreciation of the imagination, the individual and nature. Though its eloquence and fervour differs, the endeavour for individual liberation and meaning from interactions with the organic world and pure imagination characterises Coleridge’s poems.......

Sample introduction 2

The Romantic paradigms in societal values, instigated by scientific advances, radical philosophical writings, economic progress and differing theological sentiments during the late 18th and early 19th century propelled the rebellion against the traditional, rigid literary form. Instead, intense passionate emotion, an indulgence of the senses took precedent, redefining the importance of the imagination and nature, provoking idealism which would later characterise Coleridge’s poems.....

Sample introduction 3

Romanticism was the rebellion against the neo-classicist Enlightenment period, a response to the social, economic, theological paradigms. Logic and reason were superseded by sensation; social conformity was rejected for freedom of independence. A value was placed on imagination, nature and the individual for their abilities to bring about...
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