Neoclassical Art Period vs Romanticism Art Period

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Neoclassical Art Period
The Neoclassical art period overlapped with the 18th century Age of Enlightenment and continued into the early 19th century. Neoclassicism left almost no feature of visual culture untouched. This was regardless of the realistic and hypothetical connections to the classical tradition of Western art. Neoclassicism was viewed as a revolutionary denial of the selfindulgence of the baroque. Neoclassicism’s formal stylistic characteristics had a tendency to copy ancient Greco-Roman art with a prominence on poise, self-control, and grandeur of scale. The period was searching to modify society by procuring ancient virtue, morality, and ethics as solutions to what society felt to be the playfulness, recklessness, and lavishness of18th century privileged.

Romanticism Art Period
Romanticism materialized in conflict with the 18th century Age of Enlightenment as an international movement shaping all the arts. It began at least in the 1770's and passed on into the second half of the nineteenth century. Artists were wary of their distinctive opportunity and their self-consciousness materializes as one of the keys elements of Romanticism itself (Kreis, 2009). The formation of Romantic art was conceived from symbolism and myth. The view was that symbols were in a mutual or complementary relationship of nature's emblematic language and human aesthetic. Romantic’s had a desire to describe the indescribable using the available resources of language leading to the use of symbolism and myth. Romantics were also undecided toward the "real" social world around them (Melani, 2009). Politically and socially involved, the Romantics at the same time started to detach themselves from the public. Romantic artists translated things through emotions that included their own social and...
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