Coaching/Leadership Skills

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Coaches have many diverse roles which can vary in importance according to the age group of the team. In simple terms, the role of the coach is to plan, act and review. This is an ongoing process aimed at improving the qualities of the coach and the performance of players. The basic roles of an effective coach are: • Manager dealing with a wide range of players, officials and supporters. • Leader assigned to organise training, match-day events and team morale. • Teacher instructing football skills and team tactics.

• Mentor behind every successful person there is one elementary truth: somewhere, somehow, someone cared about their growth and development. This person was their mentor. • Selector
– involved in the planning and selection of the best team to represent the club. • Communicator providing clear instruction and feedback to the team and individual players. • Psychologist dealing with various individual personalities within the team. •Public relations representing the club at official functions and community activities. • Studentcontinually seeking to upgrade knowledge of the game. • Sports trainer

– with a basic knowledge of injury prevention, care and management. • Planner
– annual integrated plan covering pre-season, competition, physical, technical, tactical, psychological, workload volumes and intensities etc. •
– including engendering players’ acceptance of own responsibility. • Goal-setter
– making sure that goals are achievable, challenging and measurable. • Creating a successful learning environment
– focusing on what you can control; recognising individual and group needs.

Australian Football is continually changing; rules change, techniques change, equipment is refined and coaching methods, including the application of sport sciences, evolve. Coaches must keep abreast of these changes and adapt their coaching accordingly. All coaches have to know if they are effective or...
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