Coaching and Counselling Skills for a Manager

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Coaching and Counselling Skills for Managers

Performance Problems:

Supervisors procrastinate in coaching or counselling because they're afraid of hurting employee's feelings •Coaching or counselling documentation is inconsistent or nonexistent because there hasn't been consistent management training conducted •Supervisors and managers need to be more assertive in addressing performance issues •Employee development aspect of coaching needs to be improved •Supervisors need to fully understand the principles and benefits of progressive discipline through an effective management skills training course •Coaching or counselling sessions end up in hurt feelings, arguments or disagreements •Managers need to understand how to train their employees better •Managers need to counsel emotional employees more effectively •Supervisors need to remain in control of their emotions when counselling employees

Training Solutions:

Improve employee performance and results through a more effective coaching and leadership training •Enhance feedback and criticism skills that result in changed performance •Establish organizational consistency in formal and informal disciplinary practices •Boost the productivity and quality of individuals and teams •Succeed with angry and emotional employees

Improve the motivation and morale of employees
Safely and legally discipline employees
Make your feedback more effective in changing behaviour and performance •Document employee performance, behaviour and attitude safely and consistently •Establish and enforce consistent progressive discipline practices •Choose the right words to improve understanding and reduce defensiveness in coaching or counselling •Document verbal and written warnings consistently and safely •Develop more powerful and effective communication skills •Defuse angry and emotional employees more successfully

Handle difficult and sensitive issues more confidently...
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