Class 10 Science

Topics: Chemical reaction, Energy, Electric charge Pages: 5 (739 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Guess Paper – 2012
Class – X
Subject – Science
Time :90 minutes Set (03)M.M :40

Note : all questions are compulsory .

Section A

Q.1 By what other name is the unit coulomb × volt ?1

Q.2What do the symbols { } { } mean in electric circuit?

Q.3Balance the reaction

CuO + HCl CuCl2 + H2O

Q.4Name the process in which plants release CO2 .

Q.5 what is displacement reaction? Give an example of is displacement reactions?

Q.6Write the differences between Autotrophic and parasitic nutrition.

Q.7An electric bulb draws a current of 0.9 A for 3 minutes. Calculate the amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit.

Section B (Choose the Correct Answer)

Q.8Which of the following is not used by plants to make food?

(a)Water(b) CO2 (c) sunlight(d) Proteins

Q.9Which is best conductor of electricity?

(a) Gold(b) Copper(c) iron(d) Silver

Q.10Name the energy currency of body.
(a)ATP(b) DDT(c) Joule(d) none of these

Q.11in order to prevent the spoilage of potato chips, they are packed in plastic bags with :

(a)Cl 2(b) O2 (c) H2 (d) N2

Q.12The process of digestion in humans is completed in:

(a)Large Intestine(b) Stomach(c)Oesophagus(d) Small intestine

Q.13The SI unit of current is

(a)Newton(b) Coulomb(c) Ampere(d) volt

Q.14Which of the following is an exothermic reaction :

(a)6CO2 + 6H2OC6H12O6 + 6O2

(b) C6H12O6 + 6O26CO2 + 6H2O

(c)CaCO3CaO +CO2

(d)2H2O 2H2 +O2

Q.15 What type of reaction is represented byCaO +CO2CaCO3

(a)Combination (b) Decomposition(c) Displacement(d) Double displacement

Q.16Which of the following Cannot be decomposed by sunlight?

(a)NaCl(b) CuCl2(c)CaCl2(d) none of these

Q.17Which of the following type of energy is used by living organisms to perform life processes?

(a) Potential energy(b) Nuclear energy(c) Chemical energy(d) Kinetic energy

Q.18The addition of oxygen from a substance is called :

(a)Oxidation (b) Corrosion(c) Reduction (d) Rancidity

Q.19Which one of the following reaction is not decomposition reaction –

(a) a magnesium wire is burnt in air,
(b) limestone is heated,
(c) proteins are converted into amino acids and
(d) electricity is passed through water.

Q.20Which of the following does not involve a chemical reaction?

(a) Digestion of food (b) process of respiration (c) Burning of wax(d) melting of wax

Q.21 which graph shows Ohm‘s law?[pic]

Q.22Which of the following has the largest small intestine?

(a) Carnivore(b) Herbivore(c) Omnivore(d) autotroph

Q.23volt is equal to

(a) A/ S(b) C/S(c) W/A(d) none of these

Q.24How many Electrons are there in one coulomb charge?

(a) 1.6 ×10-19(b) 6.25×10-19(c) 6.25 ×1018(d) 1.6 ×10-18

Q.25A voltmeter should have very ----------- resistance.

(a) High(b) Low(c) Depend on circuit(d) none of these

Q.265µ A =?

(a) 5 ×10-19 A(b) 5×10-12 A(c) 50×10-5 A(d) 5 ×10-8 A

Q.27The other name of potential difference is :

(a) Ampereage(b)Wattage(c) Voltage(d) none of these

Q.28Which of following equation is balanced?

(a) CaCO3 + HClCaCl2 + CO2 +H2O

(b) 2H2O2H2 + 2O2

(c) 6CO2 + 6H2OC6H12O6 + 6O2

(d) H2O + Cl HCl + O

Q.29Which of following is not true?

(a) Q= it(b) V= ir(c) V= WQ(d)W= vit

Q.30 Chemical formula for Zinc carbonate is

(a)ZnCO2(b) ZnCO3(c) Zn(CO2)3(d) ZnCO

Q.31The reaction between calcium oxide and water is :

(a)Combination (b) Decomposition(c) Displacement(d) Double displacement

Q.32If the amount of electric charge passing through a conductor in 5 minutes is 300 C , the...
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