Child Development 10-12

Topics: Puberty, Interpersonal relationship, Childhood Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 15, 2013
0-12 years

■The age between ten and twelve is generally a time when children get a view of approaching adulthood. ■There are important physical and sexual changes for a child especially if she is a girl. ■Social relationships can be unsettled for girls and very competitive for boys. ■Activities, sports and clubs can help them to feel good about themselves and form safe relationships outside the family. ■children still need guidance and safe limits from adults but they also need to be a little more independent. ■The world is becoming a more complex place for the child who is beginning puberty ■a ten and eleven year old may well have a ‘best’ friend with whom they share activities, but at the same time relationships at school will begin to be more complicated, competitive and changeable. This can be particularly true of girls whose group relationships tend to be more up and down than the boys.  ■Boys seem to be more focused on the details of what they are doing rather than with whom they are doing it. ■By eleven a child is much more interested in, and affected by, the norms of their friends and you may see the first flutter of independent wings. They may begin to worry that their clothes aren’t ‘cool’ enough and at the same time lose interest in family activities [picnics, outings, holidays] that they adored and needed at nine. ■This can be a difficult time for some parents, particularly mothers, as their children become more independent and less welcoming of the love and care they have been pleased to receive over the past eleven years. ■eleven and twelve year olds may begin to start wanting to do things more independently, and they do need to stretch their wings a little bit, they are certainly not as capable of dealing with the world as some of them would have you believe or as they sometimes think themselves. Physical and sexual development

A child’s body will begin to change shape over these three years. Girls
■Girls will grow buds of breasts at...
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