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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Jade Weltchek
Mr. Bacon
English 2
4 March 13
Parents of the Time
Back in the day, kids would play outside until the sun was set or their street lamp turned on. They would go out into the world and explore, make mud pies and find trees to climb, and yes this is still common, but a child’s imagination is limited with adults hovering over them at all times. Nowadays, parents have grown much more protective, not letting their children go out without any adult supervision. The children are as if on a protected house arrest, leaving adventures and life skills to be taught from the nature, out of the equation. Parents use to give kids few rules and guidelines to follow and then from there they were free to go. In the movie The Little Rascals, all boys would gather at their playhouse and the parents wouldn’t think twice about letting them go for the day. At their playhouse the boys would play all day and figure out their issues on their own without the help of an adult. This kind of thing wouldn’t happen as often today because parents have become so protective and anxious of their children. The Little Rascals is much like the novel Lord of the Flies because all the boys are trapped on the island and must figure out how to survive without the help of any adults. Although adults surround the boys in The Little Rascals, they don’t act like it, they go about their days with just each other in the play house and have the simple rule of no girls allowed nothing else needed. The boys in Lord of the Flies do just the same and manage to make rules and survive (for the most part). Now both these stories were set back in the 1990’s and 1950’s, before television and video games was the thing to do. So what if both these stories were set in the twenty first century? What if a group of young boys got stuck on an island today? Media has gotten the best of most of the population today. Whether it’s a mother watching the news to hear of child abductions, or a kid playing...
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