Chem 211

Topics: Alkene, Elimination reaction, Organic reaction Pages: 3 (368 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Chemistry 211 Organic Chemistry I

Bilal R. Kaafarani Office: 416 Chemistry O.H.: 2:00-3:20 PM, MW

Chem 211

B. R. Kaafarani


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Chem 211

Material covered Structure Determines Properties Alkanes & Cycloalkanes: Introduction to Hydrocarbons Alkanes & Cycloalkanes: Conformations and cistrans Stereoisomers Stereochemistry Alcohols & Alkyl Halides. Nucleophilic Substitution Structure & Preparation of Alkenes: Elimination Reactions Reactions of Alkenes: Addition reactions Alkynes Conjugation in Alkadienes & Allylic Systems Arenes and Aromaticity Reactions of Arenes: Electrophilic & Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitutions B. R. Kaafarani 2

Course Grading
Exam I Exam II Assignments Final
Exam I:

25% 25% 10% 40% 100%

Wednesday, March 13, 2013; 6:30 PM in Bliss 203, 208, 209, and 210A. Exam II: Wednesday, April 10, 2013; 6:30 PM in Bliss 203, 208, 209, and 210A. Final Exam: to be determined.  This course is a Moodle course. Lectures, Syllabus, and other related material will be regularly posted on Moodle.  Exams will be conducted on MOODLE.  Text: Carey, F. A.; Giuliano, R. M. In Organic Chemistry, 8th Ed., 2011. Chem 211 B. R. Kaafarani 3

Moodle Tools
 This course is a Moodle course. Various Moodle tools such as “Course Announcements”, “Questionnaires”, “Choices”, and “Forums” will be used.  Classroom Response System (CRS) will be used during this semester.  Occasional “clickers” sessions will be conducted during the semester.

Chem 211

B. R. Kaafarani



Chem 211

B. R. Kaafarani


General Policy
• No make-up Final will be given except in prearranged, extraordinary circumstances. • NO make-up exams. If you miss an exam, you get zero on it. • ALL cell phones, pagers, and beepers are to BE SHUT OFF during lecture; otherwise, you will be asked to leave the room....
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