Chapter 9-2 Out Line for Biology

Topics: Cellular respiration, Adenosine triphosphate, Mitochondrion Pages: 4 (837 words) Published: January 10, 2013
9–2The Krebs Cycle and Electron Transport (p. 226-232)

How much of the energy that is available in glucose, has been used/released by the end of glycolysis? Only about 10%.
To get the rest of the energy released, what powerful electron acceptor does a cell use? oxygen
Define aerobic: refers to a process that requires oxygen

Look up and define anerobic: refers to a process that is ‘not in air’ or does not require oxygen
Cellular respiration specifically refers to : energy-releasing pathways that occur within a cells mitochondria
….while respiration usually just means: the act of breathing A. The Krebs Cycle - What is it? The second stage of cellular respiration that occurs if oxygen is present What happens during the Krebs Cycle? (Key Concept): During Krebs Cycle, pyruvic acid is broken down into carbon dioxide in a series of energy-extracting reactions. What is its other name? citric acid cycle Why? Because citric acid (citrate) is the first compound formed in this series of reactions Where does it take place? In the mitochondrial matrix On Figure 9-6 below, show the three places where carbon dioxide is produced, by circling them in red. How does the carbon dioxide produced leave an organism? When the organism exhales

What 2 electron carriers receive electrons, and most of the chemical energy in Krebs Cycle? NAD+ and FAD+
Show where they are on Fig. 9-6 by boxing them in yellow. What do they become? 4 NADHs and 1 FADH2
How may ATP are generated from every turn of the Krebs Cycle? just one

B. Electron Transport – What is it? The movement of the high energy electrons generated in the Krebs Cycle that move in a series of proteins embedded in the inner mito. membrane How are high-energy electrons used by the Electron Transport Chain?(Key Concept):...
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