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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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During this presentation I will be discussing a change proposal within the organisation called ‘Al Shamel International’. This is an organisation that provides a worldwide shipping and cargo service. This is a small family business consisting of one owner, 1 manager, 1 sales assistant and 3 workers. Within this organisation there is a narrow span of control meaning it’s a tall structure and it’s easy to communicate with each other. The current situation

The current situation within this organisation, which is unsatisfactory, is that there isn’t any useful training at the beginning for the workers or on-going training for workers. As this organisation is a shipping and cargo service meaning the workers have to lift shipments and pick up and drop them off. Therefore this decreased sales, as when the workers visited the customers to pick up shipment, the customers would cancel their order, as they believed that the service was not professional and the workers didn’t look like they were qualified enough. This is where I will propose a change in order to bring on-going training into practice within the organisation in order to benefit both the organisation and its employees. By proposing a change for on-going training, I will discuss different theorists and will argue both for and against the importance of on-going training and why this change is beneficial and relevant within the organisation. Statement of change proposal

Dunphy and Stace (1993) state that within the scale of organisational change, there are four types known as: * Scale Type 1: Fine Tuning such as refining policies; methods and procedures, training and development. * Scale Type 2: Incremental Adjustment such as expanding sales territory and improving production process technologies. * Scale Type 3: Modular Transformation such as changes in key executives and managerial appointments in these areas. * Scale Type 4: Corporate Transformation such as altered...
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