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Topics: Scientific method, Methodology, Research methods Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Research Methodology

Quantitative - (Quality) Numbers - data tat can be turned into tables, graphs and percentages. Example Questionnaire (closed questions) Qualitative - (Quality) Depth - feelings, opinions and values. Example Interviews (open questions)

Formulating a Research Proposal - A plan is useful for looking at the entire research project. This outlines what is to be done, how it will be done and when it will be done. It should provide a clear direction although changes may need to be made.

Interview Structured - Researcher poses questions along with expected answers, it can be face to face or over the phone. The questions are asked in order and responses are recorded on the interview guide. Interview Unstructured - There is no format for questions or expected answers. Open-minded questions are asked, and the interviewer needs to have a good understanding of the research topic. Responses are recorded on the interview guide.

Questionnaire Oral - Information is gathered by asking respondents a number of predetermined questions, they can be open or closed. They responses are recorded on a tally sheet. Questionnaire Written - Information is gathered be participants recording their responses to predetermined questions. The questionnaire may use open or closed questions.

Case Study - Involves studying a person or event in great detail and then writing a report describing what is found.

Observation - Observing a behaviour in a natural setting and recording it.

Literature Review - Synthesising a large amount of already published literature in a logical and informative manner so that a reader can understand the relevant issues related to your research topic.

Planning - After doing a proposal and chosen your research methodologies you need to plan what needs to be done in terms of your research. You need to make a timeline that is broken down to ensure all steps of your research can be effectively carried out. This can include...
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