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CAD/CAM All the engineering functions in design and manufacturing are included in CAD/CAM. During 1970s and early 1980s; CAD/CAM came into the picture. Engineering activities in design include product design, engineering analysis and drafting whereas the process planning and Numerical Machines (NC) part programming come in the manufacturing functions. The literal meaning of CAM is the manufacturing of the products with the aid of computers. Manufacturing is defined as a chain of interrelated activities that comprises designing, material selection, planning, production, quality assurance, management and marketing of discrete consumer and durable goods. CAM includes these aforementioned manufacturing functions.

Fig 1: Scope of CAD/CAM and CIM CAD/CAM signifies an integration of design and manufacturing activities with the aid of computers. The conventional method of manufacturing a product which involves two separate procedures – designing the product and process planning – is a time consuming one and also involved duplication of effort by design and manufacturing personnel. These conventional methods are replaced by CAD/CAM. The direct link between product design and manufacturing is established with the help of CAD/CAM. While considering ideal CAD/CAM system, it takes the specific design of the product because it remains in the database and is converted into a

process plan for manufacturing a product. CAD/CAM system automatically converts design of a product into a process plan. On a numerically controlled machine tool, a large portion of the processing can be completed. CAD/CAM automatically generates NC part programming. Using telecommunication network, NC program is directly downloaded to the machine tool in CAD/CAM system. Thus under CAD/CAM system, computer implements all the functions such as Product design, NC programming and Physical Production.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIM sums up all of the manufacturing functions of CAD/CAM along...
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