Busn312 Hw3A

Topics: Optimization, Constraint, Linear programming Pages: 4 (727 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Homework 3A

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__B__1.What are the three common elements of an optimization problem? a.|objectives, resources, goals.|
b.|decisions, constraints, an objective.|
c.|decision variables, profit levels, costs.|
d.|decisions, resource requirements, a profit function.|

___A_2.What is the goal in optimization?
a.|Find the best decision variable values that satisfy all constraints.| b.|Find the values of the decision variables that use all available resources.| c.|Find the values of the decision variables that satisfy all constraints.| d.|None of the above.|

____B3.Limited resources are modeled in optimization problems as a.|an objective function.|
c.|decision variables.|

__A__4.Retail companies try to find
a.|the least costly method of transferring goods from warehouses to stores.| b.|the most costly method of transferring goods from warehouses to stores.| c.|the largest number of goods to transfer from warehouses to stores.| d.|the least profitable method of transferring goods from warehouses to stores.|

_B___5.Most individuals manage their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) so they a.|maximize the amount of money they withdraw.|
b.|minimize the amount of taxes they must pay.|
c.|retire with a minimum amount of money.|
d.|leave all their money to the government.|

_A___6.Linear programming problems have
a.|linear objective functions, non-linear constraints.|
b.|non-linear objective functions, non-linear constraints.|
c.|non-linear objective functions, linear constraints.|
d.|linear objective functions, linear constraints.|

____C7.The first step in formulating a linear programming problem is a.|Identify any upper or lower bounds on the decision variables.| b.|State the constraints as linear combinations of the decision variables.| c.|Understand the problem.|

d.|Identify the...
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