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An agenda model of organisational communication
Tuuli Tukiainen

A new tool for research:
The starting point for the concept analysis was the three-level model of organisational culture by Edgar Schein (1985) applied to communication culture. According to Schein, culture is divided into contents of meanings and levels of meanings. Schein classifies the levels of meanings into artefacts, values and beliefs. Working community is a group of people in a certain part of an organisation. The group has come into being for functional or administrative reasons and may form its own subculture in an organisation. Communication of a community has a relationship to the communication in other working communities within the organisation. Communication system consists of communication channels taken into use, the information contents and the rules of communication and the relationship between these things. The functioning of a communication system is a process that handles messages in different ways and is the factor that forms communication climate. Communication climate is the subjective views, interpretations and satisfaction of the members of an organisation with the communication phenomena in a certain situation and in a certain moment. It is manifested in meanings and valuations. Communication climate is the aggregation of observations, feelings and valuations of individuals and the result of the working process of a communication system. Communication culture is generated through shared experiences and learning. Abductive dialogue with the data proved that it was justified to define the levels of the meanings at one-level as valuations. Subsystems of communication culture are communication system and communication climate. Communication culture operates as the unifier of functions of the organisation and subcultural groups as well as transmitter of valuations, among other things. I defined communication culture to apply to communication within organisation. Separating communication culture from organisational culture was based on the referent of the openended answers, communication. I defined the level of the meanings attached to communication culture as valuations. Communicational valuations are aggregated desires and wishes of quantity and quality of 47

The author Tuuli Tukiainen is based at the Department of Communication, University of Jyvaskyla, Jyvaskyla, È È È È Finland. Keywords Corporate communications, Corporate culture, Model, Methodology Abstract The purpose of the study is to analyse the meanings and valuations the members of a working organisation attach to organisational communication and to construct them into a model of meanings of organisational communication. The result is the agenda model of organisational communication. The model shows that members of a working organisation see the communication culture construct from four dimensions of meaning. The dimensions are: the use of the communication system, superior communication and ways of conduct, horizontal face-to-face communication and the functioning of the communication process. The agenda model is a new kind of method to get the information needed for the planning and developing of communication in working organisations. The information analysed by the agenda model is useful when following the changes in communication satisfaction and subjective experiences among the personnel of an organisation. Electronic access The research register for this journal is available at The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at Corporate Communications: An International Journal Volume 6 . Number 1 . 2001 . pp. 47±52 # MCB University Press . ISSN 1356-3289

An agenda model of organisational communication

Tuuli Tukiainen

Corporate Communications: An International Journal Volume 6 . Number 1 . 2001 . 47±52

communication expressed by the members of the...
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